Employee Benefits ...

Salary is important, but valuable employees are also seeking comprehensive benefits packages that include childcare vouchers, salary sacrifice schemes and tax-saving programs. Meet or exceed your employees' expectations and cut your administrative costs by consulting the benefit sales specialists here at P&MM.

Daycare Vouchers That Work: P&MM's Childcare-Plus

Your employees will love Childcare-Plus--our tax-free, electronic childcare account. Salary sacrifice benefits are conveniently managed online, making the vouchers paperless and eco-friendly. In addition, you'll help staff members make massive savings annually toward childcare costs, children's educational programs and summer camps. Help your employees join the electronic voucher program enjoyed by over 250,000 participants across the UK by calling our benefit specialists today. To sweeten the offer, staff members may also be eligible for budget-friendly gym memberships, cost-effective legal assistance and more.

Other P&MM Benefit Offerings

Among our exhaustive list of benefit solutions, managers and business owners will find:

  • Government-backed bicycle loans and grants
  • Emergency assistance during domestic crises
  • Comprehensive health and medical information
  • Dining and entertainment discounts
  • Green travel and public transportation grants and incentives
  • Employee tax counseling

Your staff members are your greatest assets, and their attitudes and productivity directly affect your bottom line. When you need to improve retention, increase company loyalty and remind employees that they're valued, turn to our specialists for a benefit portfolio that's a sound investment. Boasting a Gold Award from the 2008 HR Excellence Awards, we deliver cost-effective benefits packages that wow your employees and remind them of your dedication to their health, well-being and financial security.